The Second International Haxe Conference

The event is intended for Haxe developers to meet, learn and show new technologies. The conference will involve talks from core developers and community members. There will be exciting sessions to learn about new and upcoming developments in haxe technology. Many sessions will be run by the core language developers and leading members of the Haxe community from France and around the world.

Meet the Community

Just like last year, it will bring together a bunch of very savvy developers who maintain the Haxe compiler and the core Haxe programming language. And also the most talented and forward-thinking web, application and game developpers. It is the best chance to meet and develop connections for future collaborations, and also to exhibit Haxe projects and techonogies.

Places are Limited

We expect a hundred people over 4 days, including two optional days to spend time and do activities together – one before the event and one after. In order to be able to know precisely how many people will attend the event, we made the reservation mandatory and admission is charged €10. This fee includes 1 year membership of Silex Labs, the non profit organization responsible for the event, and you will get a special gift which you will not forget!

Please spread the word!


Friday welcome the speakers and meet the staff, activities by Silex Labs.

Saturday and Sunday the conference.

Monday people leave, free time for au revoir, activities by Silex Labs.

Detailed schedule coming soon!

Getting Here

IESA Multimedia school welcomes us at:
5 Avenue de l’Opéra
75001 Paris, France

Metro stations:
Pyramides - line 7
Palais Royal Musée du Louvre‎ - lines 1 and 7


Robert Fell

May the Force be with you: making a game with awe6

Nicolas Cannasse

Haxe 3 and 4 – Plans for World Domination

Hugh Sanderson

HXCPP – Haxe girt by C++

Franco Ponticelli

Vector Graphics in the browser with Haxe

Dominic De Lorenzo and David Peek

First Contact: Selling Haxe to clients and developers

Nico Zimmermann

Britzpetermann & Haxe

Peter Halacsy

Multiplatform productivity tool with Haxe

Philippe Elsass

NME vs the World

Call for Speakers

We are looking for additional speakers! If you have done something with Haxe - either library or work - that you want to share with the Haxe community, please send an email to

Proudly Hosted by Silex Labs

Silex Labs, non profit organization, is proud to be in charge of federating the Haxe community for this major event. The staff members are either part of Silex Labs or Haxe community: Pol Goasdoué, Alexandre Hoyau, Raphaël Harmel, Yannick Dominguez, Isabelle Barros.