Wrapping up

Find all WWX 2015 videos and more on our wrapping up of WWX 2015 and be ready for WWX16!

The Fifth International Haxe Conference

The wwx2015, the fifth Worldwide Haxe Conference, will take place in Paris from May 29th May to 1st June 2015. This conference is organized for the developers of the Haxe community by Silex Labs with the support of the Mozilla Foundation. During this event, you will have the opportunity to discover the latest Haxe’s innovations and strategy. You’ll also be invited to attend and participate to different roundtables and workshops. This event provides you with an unmatched platform to meet, network and share knowledge on Haxe.

Why shoud I go to WWX 2015

Only looking at your own way to use Haxe can be like standing so close to a wall that you can’t see the whole picture. Meeting other people and exchanging ideas is one fundamental way of moving forward in your development process. Whether you are facing coder’s block, like to present your newest project, are looking for help and new ideas or just generally enjoy meeting the community – you should definitely visit WWX 2015 You will get to spend quality time with developers who use Haxe and people who are involved with its development. The convention is the perfect platform to discuss new ideas and give your input regarding Haxe’s future. We will have a lively discussion about future challenges, shared experiences and last year’s successes. Join us in a round of exciting talks and community time and help us bring Haxe to a wider audience.

Meet the Community

As the past years Silex Labs wants to organize this event in a good mood of friendship and serious work on innovative technology, and as last year we have the chance to have great speakers for this event. This event will be an exciting human experience and a great technological journey! We hope to see you there!

What if I can’t go to WWX?

You can’t make it this year? What a shame, we would have loved to see you very much. Promise to try again next year, ok? Alas, even if you can’t come to WWX2015, there are ways for you to participate and get some new input and community love. We will have a live stream throughout the conference and take comments and questions via twitter. Be sure to tune in and enjoy the talks and give us a shout on your favorite social media site. Even if you are not coming, join the pre-WWX conversation by following us on facebook and twitter , giving us your suggestions and spreading the word about Haxe and WWX2015.


In spite of the hard work of the volunteers of Silex Labs and the Haxe community we still need some funding in order to organize a professional event well deserved by the Haxe Community (communication, video, food). We hope that you will be as motivated as we are to be an active member of this community. In order to make this event a success, we really need you for our haxe family so help us by taking part in the crowdfunding.

EDIT: We're funded!

Successfully funded by Ulule


The first and last day will be dedicated to socialization and contribution.

Friday Welcoming day to meet the speakers, the staff and having good time in Paris.

Saturday and Sunday Speeches, lightning talks, roundtables and Haxeptionnal saturday night party

Monday contribution workshops aka Contributhon.

Find more information on our website.


Mozilla Paris 16 bis Boulevard Montmartre 75009 Paris, France

Metro stations: Richelieu-Drouot or Grands Boulevard - line 8 & 9

Locaux de Mozilla Mozilla's office sneak peek


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Haxe Evangelism with Silex Labs more...

Proudly Hosted by Silex Labs

Silex Labs, non profit organization, is proud to be in charge of federating the Haxe community for this major event.


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