May 27-30 — Paris

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Highway to the external world: Generate externs programmatically

Let’s face it: There are at least 100 times more libraries written in any one of the Haxe target languages than the ones written in Haxe. We don’t and shouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel all the time. And we shouldn’t spend countless hours on writing externs, which could still be incomplete and quickly become outdated.

In this talk, I will argue generating externs programmatically is the way to go. I will share my experience on generating the jQuery extern that has been merged into the Haxe standard library. I will also introduce pyextern, an extern generator for arbitrary python libraries. Possibility of generating externs for arbitrary JS/C++ libraries will be discussed.

The presentation.

by Andy Li

Andy Li is a member of the Haxe Foundation, currently maintaining various aspects of the Haxe toolkit, including jQuery externs, continuous integration services, and Linux packages. He received his PhD degree in the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. He is interested in programming language theories as well as mobile user interface, interactivity, installation art and generative graphics.

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