May 27-30 — Paris

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Unreal.hx: Using Haxe with the Unreal Engine 4

In this talk, Cauê will present Proletariat's latest library, Unreal.hx, which integrates Haxe into the Unreal Engine in a more feature complete manner than any other language integration, apart from the official C++. He will show how to setup a project, how the project uses macros to achieve this tight integration with the C++ API, and how it uses the cppia VM to leverage faster iteration. He will discuss also how the created Unreal.hx toolchain might be used to integrate other C++ libraries with Haxe out-of-the-box.

The presentation.

by Cauê Waneck

Cauê is the main author of the Java and C# targets. He loves working with game and server development, and exploring the possibilities of Haxe while doing so!

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