May 27-30 — Paris

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Using Haxe with Unity3D and node.js

This is a talk about one of many Haxe use cases: a language for game logic shared between client and server, both of which are programmed in different languages and environments (Unity/C# and Node.JS). We'll cover how we ended up with Haxe, how it worked out, what issues did we have and how we dealt (or not) with them.

The presentation.

by Dan Korostelev

Dan has been having fun with programming since he was seven, and is still enjoying it. He’s gone from web development in Python, through Flash/AS3 to game development using C# and Haxe. He seriously fell in love with Haxe and uses it to the max for his everyday work. He actively contributes to open-source tools he’s using, so Haxe became the main target of his open-source work.

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