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pistahx : type safe, design first, haxe web api

Created for WEB API developpers, pistahx is an effort to address some (common) problematics : Old & slow legacy code and development tools, Heavy costs due to technology stickiness (licenses, infrastructure), Inexistant API documentation or specification, Performance issues, bad caching strategies, Scalability / deployability issues etc...

Pistahx is a modern, design first web api framework. Based on Haxe, it helps coders to write clean and type-safe Business classes. It targets the Nodejs ecosystem, so your api can be deployed and scaled on almost any stack/cloud. We also offer a minimal dockerhub image called pistahx-docker-stack to help you deploy your apps within docker containers. Pistahx uses Redis as an ultra-fast cache store (multiple cache layers are available). Pistahx implements the OpenAPI specification (formerly known as swagger) and auto-generates an interactive documentation. You can also use additional modules to generate Haxe typedefs from your API specification (pistahx-spec), and from your DB schema (pistahx-db, optionnal) among many other stuff.

The presentation.

by Emmanuel Botros

Cultivating a true passion for coding, Emmanuel (mebyz on github) has always been thrilled to discover new technologies and programming languages. Always happy to talk about (and build) continuous integration strategies, software architecture designs, industrialisation processes, along with many other subjects (3d, functionnal programming, optimisation problematics, ..), Emmanuel also loves to dig in the human aspects of any IT projects : constant improvement by knowledge-sharing and pedagogy is one of its #1 priority. He discovered Haxe language a few months ago and has been an addict since then, using it on a daily basis for both professionnal and personnal projects.

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