May 27-30 — Paris

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hexMachina: Urban framework for hardcore developers

During the last decade, the web evolved a lot. Applications became rich, complex, smart, interactive... And, like their desktop grand sistas, they had to be more and more maintainable, scalable and flexible.

This talks is about code design, and building solutions with Haxe language to provide the right answers to maintain long life-cycle applications. Sources of inspiration are many. All the concepts and ideas grew up in the street, result of 15 years of experience, exploring many other languages and technologies, and last but not least, fighting in the browser's jungle with games, websites and applications development.

This presentation is targeted to every hardcore developer who wants to share some urban inspiration about code design, and have a first taste with the hexMachina framework.

The presentation.

by Francis Bourre

Francis Bourre is a software architect at Docler Holding. He was CTO at periscope-creations.com whose clients include Ubisoft, EA Games, Michelin, Sony, Nintendo, Apple... He worked as a game developer for Candy Crush licence at king.com, made research and development for building persistent world platform at prizee.com, and contributed to many projects as a freelancer for big names industry. In parallel, he speaked to many conferences , worked on various projects such as game engines and open-source frameworks for application development. Bourre is known for his eclectism (he is also an electro-jazz musician and novelist) and his esthetic code approach. He has written many articles and tutorials about OOP and design patterns.

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