May 27-30 — Paris

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Hxcpp - what's new()

Quite a bit has gone on under the hood of the hxcpp backend this year. Find out what a low-level rewrite of the garbage collector, a refactor of the ocaml code and improved representations of objects, enum and interfaces means to you. With lots of community support this year, the native integration has been driven forward, and this talk may help you find easy ways to integrate hxcpp into your projects.

The presentation.

by Hugh Sanderson

Lead Software Engineer at Dynamic Digital Depth

By day, Hugh works on machine vision, and by night he works his vision on a machine, writing the hxcpp haxe target. Find him on twitter @GameHaxe, where he ponders this mysteries of the universe as he tries to work out how to use git. Hugh has been programming with Haxe for over 6 years and is the primary contributor to the c++ back-end. He has also made significant contributions to the Nme, Waxe and Gm2d libraries.

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